The Let's Jam! Book and DVD

Let's Jam BookThe Let's Jam! Book with DVD and Audio CD by Peter Vogl is a unique book and video lesson that teaches the beginning to intermediate student how to play along with a band. The course will take you through playing along with 10 of our Let's Jam! tracks. You will start by learning the chords and strum patterns to play rhythm along with some of the tracks. Then Peter will also show you scales, arpeggios, licks, and solos that suit certain tracks. Learning how to play along with a backing track allows you to work on your timing and explore new musical ideas. These skills then translate to playing with other guitarists and other instruments in a live setting. The tab and exercises are written out in the book. Each example is also demonstrated in the 90 minute DVD Video. The included Audio CD contains the 10 jam tracks that are used in this course. $14.95

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Sample Pages: Table of Contents (1, 2), page 46

Code: LJB
Length: 56 pages, Video: 90 minutes, Audio: 40 minutes
Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate


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