The Guitarist's Lick Book

blues guitar lessonThe Guitarist's Lick Book with Audio CD by Peter Vogl is the most useful guitar licks course available. This course will teach you all the fundamental of learning how to play lead guitar. You will learn a collection of powerful, widely used licks by famous guitar players. This course will teach you the scales and techniques that will enable you to create your own guitar licks. Each lick is played on the Audio CD at slow and fast speeds and along with a Let's Jam rhythm track. Develop your own unique style by playing in different keys and using the included tips.

This product is no longer being printed. You can still buy a download download version or get an upgraded version as the Electric Licks & Solos course.


  • Hammer Ons & Pull Offs
  • Slides
  • Bends
  • 13 Scales
  • 60 Guitar Licks
  • 4 Jam Along Tracks
  • Tips on how to solo in different keys
  • 2 solos using licks from the course
  • Arpeggios section


  • 96 Track Audio CD that plays each lick on it's own track, letting you isolate and repeat each lick as many times as you want
  • All licks written in both tablature and standard musical notation so that everyone can use and enjoy this method.
  • Includes clear markers to enable you to quickly and precisely locate all examples on the DVD and Audio CD
  • Large easy to read type and musical notation
  • All examples and solos recorded using live studio musicians and state of the art equiptment to give you the sensation of playing with a band in your living room

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