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Learn how to play the guitar with our series of guitar instruction products. We have books, dvds, and CDs for guitarists of every skill level. You can learn the basics of playing guitar, touch up on your music theory, or start to perfect your solos and lead playing.

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blues solo dvdThe Blues Licks & Solos Book with DVD and Audio CD by Jody Worrell is an instructional guitar course that covers playing lead over a blues progression. You will learn 12 blues guitar solos that will be played over six different types of blues rhythm tracks (2 solos per track). At the start of each section Jody will teach you the scales and licks used to create the solo with detailed instruction. You will then practice the whole solo along with the track at slow and performance speed. These solos cover many different blues styles and classic blues techniques. This extensive course features 50 pages, 12 jam tracks, and almost 3 hours of video instruction. Working through the course will increase your understanding of music theory, expand your lick vocabulary, and help you play in rhythm and in context of a full band. $19.95

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