Banjo Lessons

Below you will find our collection of banjo lessons. We have beginner lessons that will teach you how to play the banjo by covering all of the basics. We also have intermediate to advanced songs lessons as well as practice tracks that you can play along with.

Introduction to Banjo DVD

banjo dvdIntro to Banjo DVD by Geoff Hohwald covers the material presented in the Banjo Primer book. This course is designed to take the raw beginner through all the necessary steps to learn how to play Scruggs style 5 string banjo. You'll start off with the basics like parts of the banjo, how to tune, and simple rolls. Later on you'll learn how to play classic bluegrass banjo songs. The DVD utilizes many close ups to show proper hand position and technique. Split screen shots show both hands in detail and also onscreen tablature for all of the music. This is a complete instructional tool that is a must own for the beginning banjo picker. $14.95

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Banjo Primer Book

banjo lessonBanjo Primer Book with Audio CD by Geoff Hohwald is the first true beginners book revealing the secrets of good Scruggs style 5 string banjo technique. Clearly illustrated with over 40 photographs, it includes basic rolls, exciting & easy to play song arrangements, and up the neck breaks. It is easy to understand with step by step instruction making this the perfect book for individual or group instruction. An audio CD lets you hear all songs at 3 speeds - very slow (for learning), medium tempo (for practicing), and full tempo (performance speed). $14.95

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Banjo Primer Practice CDs

banjo lessonBanjo Primer Practice CDs by Geoff Hohwald are a 2 CD set that play rhythm to all of the songs in the Banjo Primer at 5 different speeds. This companion product to the Banjo Primer is the perfect way to increase your playing speed, improve your timing and make that critical leap between practice and actually jamming with friends. Every track starts with the Banjo playing each song in the Banjo Primer one time to orient the student. The banjo then goes away, letting you play along with a real bluegrass band. The Banjo Primer Practice tracks will have you playing at your peak in no time. $14.95

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Banjo Songs Book

banjo songs bookBanjo Songs Book with 2 Audio CDs by Geoff Hohwald is the followup book to Banjo Primer. This book combines the material from 3 previous books (Banjo Songs I, II, & III) into one complete book with tabs for 96 exciting breaks to 30 popular bluegrass songs the way the pros play them. This easy to follow book of tablature with 2 CDs will help the beginner to intermediate quickly learn to play with power and accent and improve timing. It includes several breaks to each song with lots of up the neck licks. All songs include tab and are played slow and fast. View a sample page. $19.95

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